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N → nice try…but no
"It’s the age of celebrity. It’s the age of social media. But for we old school girls who don’t want to show up at every single event just ‘cause… I don’t tweet–I have nothing to say. I’m not on Facebook. I mean it sounds like I have plenty to say, but that’s to people who I’m in a room with. I’m not that interesting, and the rest is none of your business." - Gina Torres

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Anthony Mackie gets really excited at the mention of being in other Marvel projects. [x]

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Photoshoot by Greg Williams.

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Favorite Game of Thrones characters
↳ Jorah Mormont
"The common people pray for rain, health, and a summer that never ends. They don’t care what games the high lords play."
- “What do you pray for, Ser Jorah?” 
- “Home.”

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Sebastian during photoshoots.

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